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An Phat International launches a new service to support businesses connecting Vietnam – US trade


An Phat International is a USA-based subsidiary of An Phat Holdings with many years of experience developing businesses in this market. Understanding the barriers as well as opportunities of Vietnamese businesses in the USA, An Phat International now officially launches new commercial representation services to support “new faces” who are still unnavigated to penetrate this market.

An Phat International is a subsidiary of An Phat Holdings, based in Texas, USA. With years of experience in exporting and commercializing products such as compostable plastics, engineering plastics, and flooring… helps An Phat International to understand the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities that Vietnamese businesses face while entering the US market.

From December 15, 2023, An Phat International is set to extend its expertise in commercial representation services, specialized solutions, and a team of distinguished professional consultants in the sphere of international business. The company will act as a pivotal “bridge” aimed at facilitating Vietnamese businesses in their expansion endeavors in the US.

In addition to core service values, the Company is committed to working closely with the partners to create sustainable opportunities and foster lasting relationships based on shared vision and values.

“Understanding of the challenges and opportunities for Vietnamese businesses in the US market inspired us to deploy the services aimed at addressing those. In addition to prioritizing business objectives and growth statistics, the services endeavor to resolve customer concerns, challenges, and aspirations which aim to provide comprehensive support to Vietnamese businesses to help them meet their objectives in the US market,” said Mr. Pham Hoang Viet, Chairman of An Phat International.

Accordingly, An Phat International offers a full-service event organization to connect businesses with potential American businesses which includes financial banks, retail channels, distributors, logistics, warehousing, and transportation… Besides, the Company also supports consulting and registration to participate in many appropriate exhibitions in North America such as PLMA, Natural Products Expo West, and Natural Products Expo East…; booth construction; sales staff, and collecting customer information for businesses.

In addition, An Phat International also provides customs clearance services for goods on the Vietnam – US route at reasonable costs, a high rate of goods exempted from inspection, and consulting on types of documents.

An Phat International strives to deliver exceptional international business services that yield optimal results, fostering unwavering trust among our partners and customers.

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